Monday, May 5, 2008

Uomo Donna recap

I spent all weekend hanging out with a bunch of my friends playing Ultimate and stuff. Uomo Donna was fun, but as usual I feel like my team didn't do as well as we could have.

I don't have a problem with losing, but I do get frustrated when things happen like we score a point and the other team talks us out of it (this is not common, but did happen on Saturday), and basically when things don't go the way I think they should.

My team has a lot of good players on it, but I think we lack depth or something. One woman on my team is an amazing and I think largely unappreciated player, which is great... I'd love to get some more good women players like her, but all the best women in town always play with other teams, and there's a huge discrepancy in skill level between the "good" players and the "not-as-good" players. The discrepancy seems bigger for women than for men I think - or maybe that's just because of sample size (I know a lot more men that play than women).

The big problem that happens with my team is that we can go from completely dominating a game, to playing like crap and getting rolled over by the same team we were beating 10 minutes ago. I don't know how to fix that offhand, and I'm worried the same thing will happen in league playoffs on Wednesday. Ah well, it was a fun day, I enjoyed myself, and at times we did play some good Ultimate.

2 people picked up with my team from Colorado - one was the twin brother of a guy on my league team, and the other was a woman who was great, if a little out of shape. I was really happy with both pickups, they played great and were fun to hangout with too.

After games on Saturday, most of the team went to Cecile's for a pol party, a little food, and - at their request, not mine - a game of Puerto Rico! Nate and I played another 2 player game while Ryan, Anita, Doug, Cecile, and Carrie played Puerto Rico. I think it's great that my frisbee friends are getting to like playing my strategy games. After games on Sunday, Anita, Nate, Ryan and Doug came over to my place for more games.

I'm going to see what I can do about recruiting more good women players for next tournament. It's tough though, as whenever I do get a good woman (like Jenny from last year), some other team with better players ends up stealing her away. I guess I'll just keep trying...

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