Monday, April 28, 2008

Uomo Donna coming up!

This weekend is one of Tucson's 2 annual co-ed frisbee tournaments, so I've assembled a team again. It's largely the same team from Hoasis and last year's Uomo Donna.

I've been drafting many of my Hoasis/UD players onto my league teams lately, so we play together every week. We've been almost undefeated at league the last couple seasons, which is cool, and I hope to see a good performance out of us this weekend!

Yesterday I had a team BBQ at my house, and some of the team came by to eat brats, burgers, and chicken, hang out, and even play some games. In fact, the first people who arrived were 2 of the girls from the college women's B team, and without my saying anything about it they asked if they could play a game! I ended up teaching them Puerto Rico, which they seemed to like. They want me to let them know when I'm having people over for games in the future!

I also played a different game with Nick and his 2 friends from Ohio, and there was a lot of Guitar Hero going on as well. The food all came out good, and it was an all around awesome BBQ.

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