Monday, April 28, 2008

Sunburn, meet Nationals. Nationals... Sunburn.

When I was in College, the U of A men's Ultimate team consisted largely of about 9 guys, 2 of them not really eligible. We went to tournaments, but never did all that good. Later, the team got bigger, and better, and we started to perform well, but we never won any tournaments, and we certainly never qualified for Nationals.

In the last 5 years or so, Sunburn has really organized itself. they have a very strong, committed A team, as well as a B team, each with probably 20+ guys on them! The A team has a lot of very good players, and the last couple of years everyone's pretty much thought that if Sunburn was going to make it to Nationals, now's their chance, because a lot of really good players will be graduating soon.

Well, last weekend was College Regional Championships, and I'm happy to report that U of A Ultimate has finally made it to Nationals! Everyone's really excited for those guys, and I hope they kick some serious ass and make a name for themselves. Screw that, they've already made a name for themselves at several recent tournaments - I hope they kick some serious ass to show everyone that Sunburn deserves to be placed among the top teams in the nation, and they didn't just get lucky in Las Vegas in January.

Go Sunburn!

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