Friday, April 6, 2007

Finally, another frisbee tournament!

It's been oh so long since I've played much Frisbee... just once a week at league really. I missed the tournament in Acapulco I usually go to, and I'll be missing the tournament in Seattle I usually go to as well - those are my two favorite tournaments too! :(

I did go to a tournament in January in Las Vegas, which was alright. And this weekend there's one of Tucson's annual co-ed tournaments called Uomo Donna.

I'm excited to be playing more Frisbee again, and that my achilles is working (more or less) again - it's been hurt since something like September! I'm looking forward to this weekend!

Post tournament edit: Well, the tournament was fun, and my team won the losers bracket after a mildly disappointing loss to a Phoenix team on Sunday morning. Overall record was 4-3, and in general we played well for a team of people most of whom had never met, let alone played together before.

The best news is, that nothing hurts too bad! My achilles, knees, and ankles feel pretty good! I'm sure I'll be sore at work tomorrow though...

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