Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Life imitates art.

I've been listening to some music I really like, but haven't heard in a while - Billy Joel's Greatest Hits (Vol II). I like to listen to lyrics, and I like songs that have clever lyrics and/or tell a story. I'm often amused how the lyrics to a song can be applied to a real life situation that I'm actually going through.

So this morning when heard the following, well... I was amused, as it pretty much sums up mid January through mid March:

Maybe this won't last very long
You feel so right, I could be wrong
Maybe I've been hoping too hard
But I've come this far, and it's more than I'd hoped for

Who knows how much further we'll go on
Maybe I'll be sorry when you're gone
I'll take my chances
I forgot how nice romance is
I haven't been there for the longest time

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