Sunday, April 26, 2015

Hip Update - week 2

It's been another week, and I'm a lot more ambulatory. I have pretty much given up on using the walker, and have switched to a (stylish?) cane.

I have set up some outpatient physical therapy which I hope will help my leg muscles get back to where they should be. Currently some of the nerves aren't firing, which means I've got an area which I can't really feel, and when I flex my leg muscles, there's a section that just doesn't go (looks weird).

I still don't have the x-rays, but I'll be getting them in the next couple of days. I will post before and after x-rays because they look pretty cool.

Speaking of cool, here's an example of the implant that is in my leg!

It's tough to do stuff without breaking the precautions they gave me - don't bend my hip more than 90 degrees, don't cross mid-line with my right knee, and don't turn my right leg inward. But I'm doing the best I can, and so far I don't think I've dislocated my new joint.

Next weekend I get on a plane, which will be a wholly new experience. They're giving me an "implant card" - a document I can carry to put the TSA at ease. Of course, I've heard at least 1 story where someone carrying such a card was told "anyone can make a card!" I fear I may need to start getting to airports earlier, which is really not my style.

If this interests you, stay tuned for the x-rays!

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El elfito said...

Sad to hear about this...and I hope you recover soon!