Sunday, April 12, 2015

And behind door number 2... It's a brand new hip!

I just turned 40 years old, and for my birthday I gave myself  a new hip! Holy shit... I'm 40 years old, and I just had hip replacement surgery. Everything about that sentence sounds wrong to me...

40 years old? Really? Where did the time go?

And wait, what? HIP REPLACEMENT? WTF?

I've had an issue with my hip for several years. Probably my whole life actually. I don't know fr sure, but I suspect I've had a Slipped Epiphysis, which led to the wearing down of the cartiledge in my right hip to the point where there's just nothing left. Degenerative Joint Disease. Arthritis. God, that sounds like an old person thing!

Oh yeah, I just turned 40. I am old. But old enough for a hip replacement?

Well, for the last 3 years, it's been a huge hassle to do simple things like tie a shoe, I've been walking with a limp, and I've been unable to run - making Ultimate a bit challenging. I finally decided that being able to walk, and reclaim some portion of my life, was worth the possibility of having to re-do this operation later down the road. So I got some better insurance, made an appointment, and last Friday I went under the knife...

... so far so good, I guess. The surgery seems to have gone very well, and everyone's saying my recovery should be great since I'm doing so well - I'm sure that's because I'm only 40, whereas most people recovering from a hip replacement are in their 70s.

Actually, the surgeon said that my bones were very strong - that he hadn't seen bones that strong in a year. I assumed that was again because I'm younger than his average patients, but he said no, it was because I've been active/athletic.

So yeah... new hip. I hope to get a copy of the x-ray, because it looks pretty cool. Maybe I'll post before & after x-rays :)

I'm looking forward to being able to walk without a limp, and move my leg properly, and tie my shoe. It'll be a little while, but now that the surgery is done I'm a lot closer than I have been in the last 3 years!

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