Monday, October 14, 2013

Robbed. Again. Again!

This time last year I mentioned that I'd been robbed, for the second time in only a few months. It was all very disheartening, annoying, and all of that, and I'm sure I whined a lot when it happened.

As it turns out, it doesn't feel any less bad to be robbed AGAIN a year later!

Last Tuesday I got a call from my roommate when he arrived home to find his doors open, my home rustled through (more thoroughly this time), and the following items missing:
* The TV Grandma left me
* My laptop computer
* A bag containing an iPad and a bunch of prototypes (which are completely useless to anybody but me)
* John's prescription medication (for blood sugar and blood pressure)
* A couple DVDs (oddly they cherry picked DVDs here and there from John's relatively large collection).

They went through my closet and took a duffle bag containing all my camping gear, and dumped it all out on my bed only to use the bag - which is weird, as they left the shoulder strap, and the bag wasn't in the best shape.

I really don't like that this happens, and when it does, I feel like an ass for not having an alarm installed (like not having that makes it OK to rob me?). And that brings me to the next topic... insurance. We all pay premiums month after month for insurance, but any time a claim is needed they make it sound like a terrible idea. After a deductible, you only get a little bit of cash back, and then your premiums probably go up, or worse than that, if you make multiple claims they may well just stop insuring you. But you HAVE to have insurance, just in case the house burns down, which would be a total disaster.

This time the worst part was having to go through and re-create all of the game prototypes that were taken. In addition, a couple of published games were in that bag as well, one of which is currently out of print and will be difficult to replace.

When I got home from Rincon last weekend, I left a bunch of stuff in my car, but I brought that bag in because I didn't want someone to see it in my car and decide to break in and take it. Ha!

So that's what's up. Filling out paperwork and making another claim. Let's hope the insurance company doesn't drop me altogether.

In happier news, Rincon seemed to go over really well, and I got a contract from a European publisher for one of my games. So I guess it's not all bad.

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