Friday, October 26, 2012

Robbed. Again.

So here's a funny story:

I went out to do some laundry today, and what did I find? No washer and dryer.

That's right, somebody broke into my shed and stole my washer and dryer.

It's not like you sneak in somewhere and think "hmm... what could I grab... Oh! Two major appliances!" No, it takes at least a small degree of planning, and perhaps some tools. This kind of thing has got to be premeditated... right?

So that's a little disconcerting. Did someone break in the shed before, note the appliances, then come back to take them? If so, when? Or who? Perhaps the person who broke into my house before? Or someone else entirely?

Bah! I really hate having to think about these things. I just bought that washer about 16 months ago. I'm not sure which really bothers me more - the money it'll cost to replace the appliances, or the hassle involved in actually getting it done. :/


Stephanie said...

Geez!! Maybe a surveillance system might be a good idea! My money is on someone who either knows you or is a repeat offender.

Seth Jaffee said...

@Steph: my money is on the same guy who broke in before, he probably came back with a truck and a friend or something. Man, I can't stop thinking about what a pain in the ass it would be to steal large appliances like that... And for such little return!

Clive said...

It was an inside job!!! Who knew you were going to Essen. Seriously, sorry to hear your news