Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dallas, Denver, Grandma, a new year, the beach, and Orccon!

I haven't posted in about 3 months, ever since I got robbed, again. Since then a few things have happened, so in case anybody's trying to keep up, here's a quick update:

2 significant things happened in November 2012, 1 petty good, 1 not so much.
As I do every year, I headed to Dallas for BGG.con, one of the best game cons I go to each year. It was a great time, as always, though this time I got kinda sick a day or two in, and that put a little damper on the week :(

Sadly, while in Dallas, I got a call that my Grandmother was in the hospital. We had a bit of a scare, but she's doing much better now. After a week in the hospital she's been in a rehab type place for a while, and she's now graduated to whatever's after that. I'm glad she's doing better, but I'm afraid she'll never be quite the same again :(

On a happier note, a good friend of mine invited me and a couple other friends to join him in Denver for the weekend. he didn't tell me exactly why, but I kinda figured it out. It turns out the pl an was to surprise his girlfriend at her birthday party... not just by showing up, but by proposing! That weekend was one of the best I have had in a long time, just hanging out with 3 of my closest friends

Holiday season was fun as well - spent a lot of time with a lot of friends who were in town for the holidays. Steve came to town for over a week, and it's always nice to have him around.

As usual, I headed up to Phoenix for a New Year's Day hat tournament. Despite the lack of cartilage in my hip and my general out-of-shape-ness, I felt like I was able to run pretty good (if not particularly fast), and I had a really good time.

3 weeks later I went to L.A. for Lei-Out. I was going to pass on it because I didn't have a team, but at the last minute I was invited to play with some friends, and so I went after all. The weather here had been cold and crappy for a while, so it was refreshing that the L.A. weather was absolutely gorgeous.

And today I bought plane tickets to go to Orccon - Strategicon's February event! I always enjoy that con, and the plane tickets were just $155 - a decent deal.

That's probably enough for 1 update. I'll post separately about how Rincon 2013 is shaping up :)

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