Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Hip update - week #8

Well, it's been 7+ weeks since the surgery. I've had about 5 visits to Physical Therapy, plus the guy that came to my house a few times right after the surgery. I'm no longer using the cane, and I'm walking pretty good.

I promised before and after X-Rays, so let's see if I can deliver on that:



So you can see, I now have a bionic hip!

I'm starting to ease back into some activity. I'm trying to get to the gym to continue the PT stuff I was doing, and I'm starting to try some frisbee - nice and easy, as I don't really want to F anything up. But I do want to see if I can get to a place where I can play at Potlatch next month, even if just a little bit.

I don't know, it might be time to retire... hopefully not.

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