Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Diet stuff

Today I walked to lunch, only about 1/2 mile. While I've been wearing my new Sketchers Shape-Ups around for about a week now, this is the first time I've walked a significant amount at one time in them. It did feel like more work, but man are those shoes cushion-y!

I also did some errands, and while shopping for something I saw a display of Jillian Michael's "14 day cleanse and burn" diet supplement. I have seen infomercials on this over and over, and I've always wondered if these things work at all. I'm always skeptical about items on infomercials to begin with, but I was very happy with ProActive Solution when I used it to get rid of some acne, and I'm currently enjoying my Snuggie (Evie loves it too!), so maybe my skepticism is misplaced. I've always kinda wanted one of those ShamWOWs (though it's not something I really need). At any rate, as I was thinking about making the effort to drop some weight I thought I'd give this diet supplement thing a try. Worst case scenario I wasted $30... I've wasted or lost more than that before!

So for the next 2 weeks I'll be taking some pills which, in addition to a better diet (eating less) and normal exercise (frisbee practices) are supposed to help me burn more fat and lose more weight, or something. I guess we'll see how it works!


Renee said...

I know this is gonna sound rediculous coming from me, but...
Damn I hate the diet industry.

Stephanie said...

Are you gonna be all skinny when I see you at Strategicon? ;-)

I recently lost the 5 lbs I gained over the holidays and feel SO MUCH BETTER! It's amazing what losing a little weight will do for you!

BTW - I also loved ProActiv. It worked great for me. I haven't tried the Snuggie though! :-)

Diana P said...

Let me understand your logic, because you want a ShamWOW, you bought the 14 day cleanse and burn?

Just checking.

Seth Jaffee said...

Nonononono... those 2 things aren't related! Just 2 examples of things that I see in infomercials, each of which I'm skeptical about, potentially without good reason.