Monday, January 25, 2010

Minor update

Frisbee stuff
I mentioned in my last post that I went to the beach to play frisbee last week, which was a lot of fun. This weekend I will be playing some more frisbee - this time in Scottsdale at a tournament called New Year's Fest. It's no Santa Monica beach, but there is a very nice new soccer complex in Scottsdale, and I'm looking forward to playing there again.

On New Year's Day I went to Phoenix for a Hat tournament, and having not run a step or touched a disc for a month I think I pulled a groin muscle or something. Fortunately, it's been getting better pretty quickly and it doesn't bother me very much anymore.

Game stuff
In other, non-frisbee related news, it appears my game Terra Prime has been pretty well received by the public. I've seen posts online about it (which is pretty exciting in and of itself), and even better - most everything people say about the game is positive! On the down side, the production quality was kind of poor, and a lot of people got somewhat crappy copies, which makes me feel pretty terrible, but at the same time there are plenty of people online who have said that even the sub-par production doesn't detract from their enjoyment of the game. I have yet to walk into the game store and see my game on the shelf, but I think the local Game Daze stores have received the game and I plan to stop in and check it out soon.

Since Steve left there has been a significant drop in my gaming hours. I have hardly played any games at all in the last week or so. I did however go to Jeff and Elisa's for an evening of Werewolf on Friday... we used a role I hadn't seen before, the Village Idiot. Well, I'd seen something called that, but I knew it as "guy who always votes to lynch" - this time we used it as a player who wants to be lynched. If they are killed by the Werewolves, they lose. If the Werewolves win, they lose. If the Village wins, they lose. The only way they can win is to somehow get the village to think they're a werewolf and thereby get lynched. This was an interesting role, as it made random lynching a rather dangerous proposition. I think I might introduce this at the convention I attend next month (OrcCon in Los Angeles).

Resolution stuff
I thought a little bit about my resolutions recently, in particular the "losing weight" one - and that prompted me to check in on my Resolution post - so I posted an update just now. In short, I need to do a little better on all of my resolutions.

In addition, though I didn't make it a resolution, I kind of want to do more reading. I bought myself a book the other week - The Pillars of the Earth, by Ken Follet. I have a board game that's based on that book, and I like the game - not that that has any bearing on how good the book might be. But everyone I know who's read it said it was good. I recently also got a board game based on a sequel book called World Without End. I'm less happy with that game, but if I enjoy Pillars of the Earth then I'll probably try and read World Without End as well.

I never did finish reading The Mysterious Benedict Society, a book I started a while ago and got maybe 1/2 way through. Maybe I should hunker down and finish that one first.

Other stuff
My friend Diana has some shoes she's very fond of - those new Skechers Shape-Ups. They're supposed to help tone your legs and butt while you walk, improve your posture, and help your lower back. They advertise like you get a workout just walking around, like you're walking barefoot at the beach. I had seen ads for these shoes, but the only ones I'd seen were directed at women. We were at the mall, and I looked in the Men's department to see if they had them for guys too, which they do. As Diana claimed, they were pretty comfortable to boot! When I got home I ordered some from - $104 and free shipping (compare to $120 at the store). they arrived Friday, and I've only worn them a little bit so far. I'm interested to see how they feel after I wear them around a lot, especially on days where I do a lot of walking.

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