Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Vacation! And... some people.are lame.

First off, I was at the store today, and some lady was there who was a great example of what's wrong with people sometimes.

There was a bag of dog food which cost $11. It was clearly marked $11.00 on the rack, and 1/2 of the bags had a sticker on them clearly labeling them as $11. The other half the sticker seemed to have been misprinted, too close to the cut-line, such that the left part of the sticker was cut off. Thus, on some of the bags it looked like the price might be $1.00.

This lady was insisting that although she knew it was supposed to be $11, since the bag said "$1.00" she should be able to bu it for $1. I don't understand how people can have that kind of audacity! I can sort of understand it if an item is truly mis-marked (has the actual wrong price affixed), but even then I am not the type of person to demand they sell me the item for the incorrect price. But in this case it's extra ridiculous as far as I'm concerned. What a horrible woman. I felt like picking up some other item, ripping off the price tag, and asking her if I deserved to get it for free.

Now that that's out of the way...

Tomorrow morning I get on a plane to my favorite game convention of the year! I'm going to Dallas for BGG.con, where my board game will be launching. I'm really excited about it!

I had a scare yesterday. Mike called to say that the shipment of games - that he paid a fortune to air ship from China to Dallas to make sure it was there on time - had been delayed, missed a plane out of Tokyo, was rescheduled for a Monday flight, and then got bumped to a Wednesday flight. This was terrible news, because a Wednesday flight would arrive in Dallas Wednesday afternoon, would probably sit in Customs for a day, and in the very best case (assuming no more delays) would arrive sometime Friday. The convention starts Thursday, and we have a booth and launch events scheduled... I've been looking forward to this for months (almost 2 years, actually), and to think that it was about to be ruined by stupid shipping delays had me very flustered and annoyed yesterday.

The ocean freight will arrive in a couple of days, almost ahead of the air freight!

I did a lot of freaking out and complaining on FaceBook and Twitter, and got a lot of supportive responses from people. There was literally absolutely nothing I could do. Michael however had been on the phone a lot with the customs broker and whoever else, trying to get someone to rectify the situation. In the end, the shipment went in the air this morning (Tuesday), and should have arrived this afternoon in Dallas. I am hopeful now that it will clear customs sometime tomorrow, and that Friday is more of a worst case than a best case scenario at this point!

So now I can go back to looking forward to the release of Terra Prime and Homesteaders! And I can enjoy my weekend of fun and games! Brian will be there again, and I always love to spend time with him. Also, my friend Steve from Hawaii will be accompanying me, as will Mike of course, to promote Tasty Minstrel Games. This will be the first time I have gone to BGG.con with other people. I've seen other Tucsonans there before, but I've never attended the con "with" anyone.

In addition, this year my friend Sean from Seattle will be attending. I'm looking forward to hanging out with him, and potentially conscripting him to help in the Tasty Minstrel booth, demoing Homesteaders for example. I'm also looking forward to seeing a bunch of other friends from all over the country, playing lots of games (including late night Werewolf!), and basically just having the best time ever!

I'm sure I'll post all about it when I get home. Actually, now that I got one of those newfangled smart phones (I got a MyTouch! It's pretty sweet! Thanks Grandma!), I might post (or at least tweet) from the con!

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