Saturday, November 28, 2009

A really good weekend

I went to BGG.con last week, and I had an absolutely great time.

Tasty Minstrel's shipment arrived at the hotel at 6pm Thursday, just a couple hours later than I really would have liked. I had to postpone the launch event, but there were still about 30 people who participated in it. Everyone who played the games seemed to like them a lot! It felt really good to hear people discuss how fun my game was, and people were coming up to me at the con just to tell me how much they liked Terra Prime!

It is SO NICE to feel like I've finally accomplished something. People say it's an accomplishment to finish college, or to buy a house... but as far as I'm concerned, anyone who starts college should be able to finish - it's just a process. You sit through the process, and at the end you graduate. In this case the process is "go to class, lean stuff." Similarly, I don't feel it's much of an accomplishment to buy a house. Anyone can buy a house, it just takes money. And actually, since there exists credit, you don't really need all that much money to do it.

But publishing a game really feels like I've accomplished something. I could easily have spent years working on a creative project only to never finish - indeed I feel I've done that in the past: Never learned to play an instrument, never played on a competitive basketball, volleyball, or ultimate team, never got on the Pro Tour for Magic... etc. Having accomplished this feels good!

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