Friday, December 4, 2009

Atlanta bound!

I've never been to Atlanta, and frankly I never thought I'd have occasion to go. As it turns out though, to fix errors in the shipment of Terra Prime and Homesteaders Mike and I will be flying out to Atlanta in about a week to manage a team of temps to do quality control.

At the convention we found that about 10% of the Homesteaders boxes we opened had the wrong assortment of stuff. That's bad, because it means you cannot play the game! Terra Prime was better, but emails are trickling in about missing or damaged pieces here and there, so we might as well check all of those as well. We also found that it was kind of moist inside the boxes, which makes it hard to punch out the cardboard pieces without tearing them. To try and soak up the moisture and prevent mold and this tearing problem we plan to add silica packets as well.

There are almost 4000 total boxes which we'll need to open, check, then re-shrinkwrap. Hopefully this process won't be too bad or take too long. A lot of people are clamoring for their pre-order copies, and we hope to be able to get them out to those people before Christmas. I think this is feasible if we get a good number of the games checked in the first day or 2 we can send them straightaway to pre-order customers, which gives the post office a week to get them there before X-mas.

While the actual manual labor of checking the boxes will be tedious, I think the experience as a whole will be interesting and informative as we get a chance to see the warehouse and how the games are handled by the Fulfillment company.

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