Saturday, August 8, 2009

I was relieved to hear that the final season of Monk started last night... not because I was looking forward to watching new episodes so much as I am looking forward to the show being over. Monk is a pretty boring show, and I got pretty sick of it a while ago. Having watched most of the episodes though I let my DVR continue to record them. At this point I only watch Monk out of some misplaced desire for completeness - maybe I have OCD or something.

Right now I'm watching the season premier, and the last line I heard was maybe the best line I've ever heard in an episode of Monk...

Monk and Natalie are standing outside the apartment of a murder victim.
Natalie: "Are you going in?"
Monk: "It would be a crime not to."
Natalie: "It would be a crime if we do!"
Monk: "Then it doesn't matter either way..."


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