Sunday, December 28, 2008

2009 New Years Resolutions pre-post

I'm really happy with how my new years resolutions worked out over the past year - the success rate was higher than I anticipated, and of course much higher than in previous years. I attribute it entirely to posting the resolutions, and especially to the resolution to check in on them every so often.

I'm beginning to think of what I should resolve for the upcoming year. Looking at last year's list, I'll be reprising some of those resolutions for sure: Check progress, Prototyping (there are always more games to work on!), and getting a game published. There will be new resolutions as well, perhaps getting a job for example. I'm also thinking about resolving to spend some time each day reading - I bought myself a book to encourage that, and as yet I haven't started reading it. I've got some thoughts on some social resolutions as well.

I'll post The List when I've decided what I want to resolve to do.

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