Friday, January 2, 2009

Frisbee fun in the desert sun... New Years Day

Minor kvetch: I typed up this whole freaking post last night, but before I was done my browser closed and google had had errors auto-saving... so I had to type it all again. This is one of my biggest pet peeves - there's nothing I like less than having to do something over again. Grr.

This is why I love living in the desert. Yesterday my friend Mandy and I drove up to Phoenix for their annual New Years Day frisbee hat* tournament. It was a fun day of frisbee, and the weather was gorgeous! Low 70s I believe. I was comfortable in shorts and a t-shirt, on January 1st. I wish I lived somewhere where the climate was exactly like that every day of the year.

* A hat tournament is a tournament where everyone puts their name in a hat and are put on teams randomly. They make an effort to distribute skill levels evenly, so the teams are fair.

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