Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Seattle plans beginning to take a little shape

So far I've invited some people I know to join me for dinner at Red Robin on Friday night. Red Robin might not seem like anything special, and there's even one here in Tucson - but it's all the way across town and I never go. RR started in Seattle, and I like to go there a lot when I'm in Seattle... to me the two are invariably associated with each other. Besides, who doesn't like a place that has all you can eat French Fries!?!

Saturday night I've been invited to a game night at someone's house, I'll be going there with Alex. I hope to play at least one game of Homesteaders with him - a game Alex made and I tried to help make better. I'm trying to get it published as well. The host for Saturday's thing asked specifically if I'd bring a copy of Terra Prime (the game I made), evidently I taught it to him a couple years ago at Julie and Peter's house! Maybe before that I'll try to find a disc golf course (there's one very near the fields for the frisbee tournament next weekend).

I'm not sure which day(s) I'll be visiting Mohan and the company he works for, Loose Cannon Studios. They're the guys that are planning on publishing my game. That's definitely "on the list." I'm also not sure when exactly I'll be visiting with Renee and Matt, I just know they're doing anniversary stuff this weekend.

It looks like I've still got a week to fill up - I'm sure I'll find something to do!

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