Monday, June 30, 2008

So far... so fun!

So far my trip to Seattle has been great! Sean met me at Red Robin for dinner when I got here, then he and I went to Uncle's Games for a game night where Mohan and Runjith joined us. Sean and I played Wizard's Tower (the abstract game I made with my friend John), and then Mohan and Sean played Pandemic with 2 other people while Runjith and I ventured over to Cold Stone Creamery for some Ice Cream. Pandemic is a cooperative game about curing diseases. After that, Mohan, Runjith, Sean and I played Reading Railroad, the game word-building non-word-game I made with my friend Scott. Finally the 4 of us played Stone Age, but we had to cut it short becuase they were kicking us out.

I stayed at Mohan and Runjith's place Friday night, and Saturday Runjith and I saw WALL-E - a very cute Pixar movie. We then met Mohan at his company's BBQ at a really cool house. At 6 I left and went to a game night I was invited to up in Woodinville. Google Maps failed to be of any use, but luckily Renee was by a computer and was able to help me find the place. I played some games with Alex and Sean, and the guy who's place it was (Jon) let me crash. It was 3:00am when everyone left anyway, and he still wanted to watch a movie or something, so we watched a silly comedy called Waiting which is like Office Space but at a restaurant. He had an awesome home theater with a projector, and multiple Terrabytes of movies on his XBox hard drives.

Sunday I left Jon's and played pickup at Marrymoor park. I met a guy who's sister I know - she played frisbee in Tucson until very recently when she moved back up here! Renee and Matt were walking a half-marathon, and they finished up right before I did, so the timing was perfect! I met them at their house, we all got cleaned up, talked/visited, and went to dinner.

Today I played more frisbee, this time on Microsoft campus - which is beautiful! And now I'm about to head back over there to meet a guy and play some games. This guy happens to have published a game called Pink Godzilla Development Kit, which Renee and Matt happened to give me as a gift :) I had contacted him on because he lives in Seattle. He always posts interesting stuff on there, so I wanted to meet him and talk about game design.

So far, so fun!

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