Monday, May 19, 2008

Newbie Game Night strikes back!

Spring league for frisbee ended last week, my team lost in the finals by 1 stinking point! Summer league starts in a couple weeks, but this week there's no frisbee on Wednesday so I decided to try another Newbie Game Night. With all these frisbee players beginning to get into strategy games, I'm expecting a decent turnout. So far the frisbee players that have started playing games at my house (at NGN or otherwise) are Nate, Ryan, Anita, Nick, Carrie, Cecile, Penny, Dacks, Weike, Karl, and Ted. That's 11 people in total!

I'm not sure if this Wednesday is gonna fly, but if so I'm thinking Railroad Tycoon would be a good game to teach.

Edit: Newbie Game Night is being rescheduled - nobody really replied to my invitation, and it turned out there was a frisbee practice, so I went to that instead.

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