Friday, May 30, 2008

Long time no see!

My last post - almost 2 weeks ago - was about holding another Newbie Game Night, which ended up getting canceled for 2 reasons: nobody replied, and there was a frisbee practice that night. Since then I've had more than 1 person tell me they were disappointed that I'd canceled the game night... which is promising, as it might mean there are potential takers for that kind of thing after all, but it also begs the question "why didn't you reply!?"

In any case, Ryan and Anita seem to really like playing games, they came over the other night and played Container, a game about producing, buying, and selling Containers where players set the prices every step of the way. They seem very interested in continuing to learn new games as well.

In other news, I just got back from KublaCon in San Fransisco. I had a great time, played a lot of games, and got a lot of socializing in. My entry in the Game Design Contest didn't do too well this time, but I kind of expected that. My friend's game won - and not only that, but a publisher asked to review it!

I also saw Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which could have been better. I tried very hard not to go in with high expectations, and as a result I was satisfied that the movie "didn't suck." I'll note that the good Indiana Jones movies are the ones where he goes after items of historical and biblical significance (the Ark and the Holy Grail). The movies where he goes after something made up seem much less impressive. I'm not as annoyed as some by the basic premise that Indiana Jones turns up evidence of Aliens (through most of the movie all I could think was "Aliens? Really?!?") - but I don't think they did the best job of it. I mean they started at Area 51, then go to Mayan ruins, etc... a decent idea I think. It seemed like they just hopped from one clue to the next. The good IJ movies featured Indy actually figuring stuff out. I didn't much care for the monkey scene. Or the ants.

What else is new...
Lowski is moving out when he gets back from Maine for the summer. It turns out that one of my oldest friends is going to have to find a place to live, and he might end up renting that space. That would be weird, I never thought I'd be roommates with Ben - and if so I figured it would have been during college, not when we're all grown up!

This weekend I've got *2* going away parties - a guy from frisbee is moving to Salt Lake City where his girlfriend got a job, and a new gamer friend is off to Europe for about 2 months to, among other things, have a wedding (he actually got married last October, legally, but the wedding will be in Ireland).

That about sums things up for now.

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