Saturday, March 22, 2008

Can you smell what the Sej is cookin'?

BBQ preparation status update...

After work today I did indeed go to Sports Authority and get golf discs and cleats. I also got a golf disc bag to carry the discs in. I figure for all the times I've played disc golf over all the years, spending $50 once on some discs and an accessory is acceptable.

I then went to the grocery store, where I picked up a couple things for the BBQ, as well as all the ingredients needed for the Super Secret Cookies. At home I mixed up all the stuff, and found that the recipe seems to call for about twice as many chocolate chips as can really be necessary. If I do it again, I'll cut the amount of chocolate chips (and maybe the bacon) in half. Of course I didn't use any almond anything, and I skipped the maple glaze.

Ben, John, Reed, Nick, and Michael came over, and we played a lot of games while I baked cookies... Race for the Galaxy, In the Year of the Dragon, Railroad Tycoon, and Puerto Rico - and all were fun. I really like all of those games - if I had to write down my top 10 favorites, they'd all be on the list.

And now it's 2am, there's a birthday cake in the oven, and I'm going golfing in 8 hours! We'll have to see how the cookies go over tomorrow.

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