Friday, March 21, 2008

Birthday Barbeque

I decided to invite friends over for a BBQ tomorrow at my place. I have this new grill, and upcoming birthdays (mine as well as some friends') are a good excuse. First I'm going disc golfing with Rif and maybe Ben and Michael are going to join us. Then people will start showing up, so it'll be grillin' time. I'm sure there will be some guitar Hero, and probably some various assorted board and/or party games.

The other day I was thinking about "what was I doing this time last year?" as a way to sort of see if I'd made any progress. As depressing as it may be, for the most part nothing's changed since this time last year. This time last year I was madly in love with a girl who didn't feel the same way, and it took me most of the year to get over that. But in at least one respect I think I've made some progress... 2 of my games are currently off at publishers to see if they want to publish them! So even though it'll take them forever to get a chance to play them and decide if they want to move forward, at least it's better then them sitting on my shelf at home. I guess that's progress!

Well, if I'm going to disc golf, BBQ, and make Bacon Chocolate Chip cookies tomorrow, I'd better get to shoppin'! I need food to grill, new golf discs, and new cleats while I'm at it!

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