Sunday, March 23, 2008

Big Birthday Weekend - on the SedjCon schedule?

I have had a lot of fun this weekend, what with my birthday BBQ and all. So much so that I think I might try and arrange this type of thing again next year. Maybe the "Big Birthday Weekend" should be added to the SedjCon schedule, which thus far currently consists only of my Holiday Game Party around Xmas time. Here's what transpired...

Baked cookies and cake
Played games with friends from +/- 6pm-midnight

Disc Golf
15 friends came over for BBQ and games including Guitar Hero, Katamari Damacy, Race for the Galaxy, Pandemic, Puerto Rico, Princes of Florence, In the Year of the Dragon, Louis XIV, Railroad Tycoon, Goa, and Leonardo Da Vinci

And tomorrow I'm having dinner with my parents and grandma :)

What a fun weekend!

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