Thursday, February 7, 2008


I think I've put myself on a diet. I started recording my weight every (or almost every) morning when I get out of the shower, just to see what trend, if any, was occurring. I was staying pretty constant at 185-187, which is kinda too much, but not too terrible - I'm not obese or anything. Then it started climbing just a bit, and the day I weighed in at 190 I decided I ought to do something about it.

Diets aren't rocket science. It's all calories in minus calories out. So to lose weight, all you need to do is (a) eat less food, or (b) exercise more. Ideally you do both. So I've decided to cut out all candy, so no more sweets at work (the candy bowl at work is about the only place I eat candy). I'm also going to cut WAY down on soda. Like 1 per day for starters, though I've already bumped that limit to about 2 per week (Monday through Friday), and maybe some on the weekend, we'll see how that goes. Once the soda in my fridge is gone I'll probably quit soda altogether for a while. and finally, I'm trying to eat less food at a time. Yes, I realize that a Chipotle Burrito is more food than my sister eats in a day. I only eat 2 meals a day, and if I keep at least one of them small then I'm probably doing OK.

Of course I also plan to play a little more frisbee as it gets warmer. I'm currently playing twice a week, league and Sunday pickup. It'd be great if a practice started up one day a week as well, and I'm sure that'll happen when it gets closer to tournaments.

This time last year I was feeling pretty fat as well, and by summer I'd lost a little weight. It was about the same thing, I got up to 190 or so, and then went back down to 185. I think if I'm going to concentrate on it this time, I might as well shoot for something in particular, so I'm going to target 180 lbs. Let's see how easy that becomes, and I'll then assess whether I want to continue. In general I wouldn't mind weighing 175 again like I always used to.

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