Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Days of our Lives

What would life be like without a little drama? I recently witnessed some drama that could have come straight out of some soap opera... I was on the outskirts, doing what I could not to get dragged in. I'm a little worried I might have failed though. Here's the cliff's notes version.

I know a guy and a girl, who at one point were buddies and even dated each other. Recently, and seemingly out of nowhere, the girl got an order of protection because she said the guy was harassing her. Many people, myself included found that pretty hard to believe, but she was adamant, had lots of reasons and evidence in the form of emails and whatnot, and the judge had agreed enough to issue the order.

Before the hearing, the guy wanted to make sure he had a solid case, because no matter how right he thought he was, what if the judge/jury decide to agree with the girl? So I forwarded him some correspondence I had personally had with the girl which would strengthen his case. I was iffy about doing that, because it was personal correspondence. But it's not like I was lying or cheating or being somehow immoral, and frankly I thought the guy was in the right, so I went ahead and forwarded the info.

The story I heard is that at the hearing, the girl presented her case, and the cross examination ripped it to shreds. So much so that the guy didn't need to present a defense, the judge said that it didn't constitute harassment. However the emails I'd forwarded were going to be used as evidence and were therefore shown to the girl, so she knows I sent it.

Today I sent a text message to the girl for something entirely unrelated, and here's the response I got:

"Not my concern. Delete my number. I didn't appreciate you forwarding my personal email correspondance. Leave me alone."

Not exactly the response I'd expected - but worse, I'm afraid this woman might decide that because I didn't back her up, and because I forwarded that info, that *I'm* harassing her now. My friend just spent a couple thousand dollars just to say "hey, I didn't harass her!" I don't want to be put in that same position!

Fortunately, I probably have all the email this woman has ever sent me, some of which is argumentative and completely unreasonable. Unfortunately, if she decides to go to the judge and claim I'm harassing her, it doesn't matter how unreasonable or ridiculous it is. I'd hate to be dragged into anything like that, so I'm going to make sure and lose her number and avoid all contact with her.

"Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives."

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