Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Guest house almost done!

I went to Lowe's last night to get a cabinet to replace the old crummy one in the guest house. Cabinetry can be expensive, and I wasn't sure how much money I wanted to put into this as I just paid a bunch to put the tile in and got a new stove and got the place painted.

I got real lucky though, a 30" Base was on clearance for $60 (about 50% off). It had a chip in the right side, which in my guest house would be against a wall and completely unnoticeable. When we opened the door we noticed that there was something wrong with one of the hinges... are you ready for this? It was missing a screw. That's it, 1 chip in the wood and 1 screw - reduced about 50%. On the down side it's not a sink base, so the drawers have to be removed and the fronts stuck back on, but that's probably easy enough even I can do it!

I needed to fill 48" though, not 30", so I looked at the 18" stacks... there was one with a cabinet and a drawer for about $108, and one with 4 drawers for $195. The draws would have been better, but not for $87, so I decided to get the cheaper one (after hemming and hawing of course, and meandering around the store).

Meanwhile, a guy was driving a forklift, moving bits of cabinetry around, and generally getting in the way. There was a large column in the center of the cabinet aisle, which made it very hard for him to maneuver, and he was crashing into cabinets left and right. When I went back and told the sales guy that I wanted the 18" cabinet, he went and got it and now it had a big scratch across it, evidently the forklift had scraped it's wheel against it.

The guy said he'd get another one, but I asked him if he'd be able to give a discount on this scratched one (Jennifer said she could clean it up with no problem). I expected he'd say 10% at most.

"Sure, I can knock 35% off of that for you."

Sweet! I said I'd take it and the guy went to get the paperwork. And when he got back...

"Actually, I knocked 50% off for you."

So I paid $128 for what I almost paid $267 for at Home Depot. Score!

I'll post pics of the cabinet and the rest of the guest house when it's done... "any minute now."

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