Monday, October 1, 2007

... We've still got it!

On the way to Phoenix, Tyler, Jake and I reminisced about past trips for Magic tournaments. I went on a lot of trips in college for Magic and for Ultimate, and the Magic ones were by far the best. We laughed all the way to Phoenix!

Saturday morning we arrived at the Mesa Convention Center, and saw some old, familiar faces - Ray and Kelly Powers are still running the show, just like always. The first thing Ray said when he saw me was "What, no frisbee tournament this weekend?"

We signed up for a Sealed Deck tournament, which means we got a certain amount of cards to work with, and we built our decks out of that. the 32 people in the tournament play 4 rounds, and the top 10 records got prizes - 18 packs of cards to the top 2, and 5 packs each for 3rd through 10th. Tyler got 1st, I got 4th, and Jake got 10th.

We then each got into a separate Booster draft, which is a slightly different kind of tournament where you draft cards and build your deck out of that. They are smaller, 8 people, single elimination, and the winner and second place get 5 and 3 packs. I won mine, Jake won his, and Tyler got 2nd.

On Sunday we went back to play some more... Tyler and Jake won 5 more packs each in another Sealed tournament, then they joined a weird sort of 2-man team tournament and won that - netting them a whole box (36 packs)! I got 2nd at another draft for 3 more packs.

All told, we took home 90 packs between the three of us - 2 and a half boxes of product. That's more than we used to win when we played all the time, and none of us have played in several years!

We had a great time, and compiled a few more stories for the archives. Maybe one day I'll start a new blog, just for the Magic stories...

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