Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Monopoly at McD's!

It's not so true anymore, but I used to eat at McDonald's a lot. Like every day. One of my favorite fast food joint promos was when McDonald's would do their Monopoly game, because then I would get a little return on my eating there all the time. I never won any big prizes of course, but I got plenty of free food and the occasional $5 or something. When I was in college, McDonald's would put Monopoly game pieces in the Wildcat newspaper, and I remember sometimes my friend and i would grab as many as we could, looking for free sandwiches or if we were real lucky (which we weren't), some big prize.

Well, yesterday McDonald's started their next Monopoly promotion. I only know this because I happened to go there for lunch for the first time in weeks. I picked up a game board thing to keep the game pieces on, and I won a free medium fries - but this time I plan to actually play the online game. Each game piece has a 10-character code (like 34VD7T698V) on the bottom, and if you go to you can enter that code, roll the dice, and move your pawn around the Monopoly board. Whatever you land on is considered "collected" - and if you collect a Monopoly then you win a prize. They appear to have hourly prizes as well, whatever that means. I seem to have won a free game download from Real Arcade...

The game board thing has a code you can enter to 'get you started playing' - and those things are free, I wonder if they keep track of which code comes from those, or if you can just grab a big stack and increase your chances of winning!

So if you eat at McDonald's between now and Oct. 29th, and you're not playing the game pieces yourself, please email me or leave a comment with the 10 character code. If it makes me win something then I'll be sure to share :)


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