Thursday, September 29, 2011

About god damned time!

I have good news!

After 10 months of waiting for artwork, manufacturing, and shipping... experiencing delay after delay for one thing or another and disgruntled fans and customers (both reasonable and unreasonable)... I am ECSTATIC to report that people are FINALLY starting to receive their copies of Eminent Domain!

Maybe now that people are receiving their copies, I can start hearing about how much they love the game or how happy they are to have participated in the kickstarter campaign, rather than a seemingly endless deluge of criticism for things that are outside of my control (criticism because people didn't receive a shipping notification via email, on top of Mike's announcement that the warehouse had begun shipping the games? Really?)

In reality though there are a lot of international supporters who still won't get their copies for a while due to shipping logistics, and I'm sure there will be a number of people who end up not loving the game, and posting about how sorry they are to have supported it in the first place, and of course people who are dissatisfied with the extra Kickstarter Exclusive item added at the last minute for one reason or another. It makes me wonder why anybody goes through the effort of creating anything creative, ever.

Thank God I still enjoy playing Eminent Domain, because the amount of pain and suffering is quickly approaching the amount of fun I've had designing and playing the game int he first place.

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