Monday, November 29, 2010

Stuff I want to do, revisited

1 month ago today I posted about a few things I would like to do. Time to check in and see how that's going:

* I would like to go back to Acapulco for frisbee again next January.

Well, I WOULD like to return to Acapulco, but next month I have decided to go to Lei-Out. a beach frisbee tournament in L.A. instead. I've gone the last 2 years and had a great time on both occasions.

* I would like to go to Protospiel in Ann Arbor next July. I've never gone because it generally occurs too close to my annual pilgrimage to Seattle for the 4th of July and Potlatch. Maybe I should just go anyway.

This is still a possibility.

* I want to go back to New York again, I think in April. My Uruguayan friend Ariel will be back in he states at that time, and there'll be another Spielbany gathering going on. I'd also like to see my cousin Rachel again now that she's a big star! That is, if she has time...

This too is still a possibility, and I'd really like to pursue it!

* I'm going to BGG.con in a couple of weeks, and while I'm in Dallas for that, Bo Burnham is having a show at the Palladium. I'd like to go see that show.

I had a GREAT time at BGG.con this year. I got to hang out with Brian, I got a lot of recognition on my new game, and we sold 70+ copies of Train of Thought. However, when it came time to go to the comedy show, Brian and I decided to just hang out at the convention and play games. Hopefully I'll b able to see Bo Burnham's comedy on Comedy Central or something.

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Seth Jaffee said...

For the record, I DID go to Lei-Out (not Acapulco), I DID go to Protospiel, and I DID go to Spielbany in April.