Thursday, October 28, 2010

It's not all bad

I FINALLY talked to a Stucco guy and will FINALLY get stucco repairs done at my house... FINALLY! I'm a little sick of everything in my life feeling like it's delay after delay :/

But it's not ALL bad - I'm really enjoying the excitement of the publishing company that Mike started. It's been frustrating lately because of the three games in the works currently, only 1 is on schedule. Another has been held up about a month because apparently it's impossible to send a playing card in the mail to China, and the other is more like 2 months behind and I don't understand why. The artist is still working on it, but he's approaching the end finally, and except for the fact that we won't have the games in time for the holidays (let alone the convention I wanted to release them at), at least they LOOK amazing!

Despite that frustration, some things are going right. We should have Train of Thought in time for the convention in a couple weeks. I know a handful of people personally, and there are dozens other I'm sure, who have been eagerly awaiting the release of Train of Thought since this time last year. Also, we've started a fund raising campaign on for my next game, Eminent Domain which I'm really happy with. We're only 3 days into that fund raising drive, and already we've raised almost $6,000 - almost 30% of the way there! I'm really excited by how well that's been going so far, and there are 27 more days to go!

So you see, as much as I like to complain, it's not all bad.

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