Friday, July 2, 2010

Seattle trip 2010

As per usual, I'm heading to Seattle tomorrow for my annual summer vacation. And as per usual, it's 4-something AM and I'm not asleep! Hopefully I'll be able to get up in 2.5 or 3 hours so I don't miss my plane!

At 10:30 or so I'm on a plane from sunny Phoenix to colder-than-usual Seattle! says the highs this weekend will be in the 60s, something I haven't felt for a while, not even at night with the AC on!

I have packed up my new camping gear (compliments of Grandma - thanks GB!): tent, thermarest, and Camelback. I broke these items in last weekend in Tulsa and they worked out great! And I know for a fact the rain fly works :)

I'll be at the fields playing frisbee through Monday night, then I'll shift into visit mode, and I'm looking forward to visiting Renee, Matt, and Jonah; Mohan, Runjith, Rif, Jeremy and Amelia, Alex, Sean, Christopher, Julie and Peter... the list goes on and on. I have sketched out a schedule with all kinds of possible events, pickup frisbee games, game nights, and even a concert in the park with Renee and Matt. I'm trying to organize a barbeque for next Sunday afternoon, maybe at a park, to try and get a bunch of my friends together.

I'm looking forward to my trip, and I'm all packed up. I think Evie figured out I'm leaving because she's been acting funny. I'll miss her, but I'm sure my friend will take good care of her while I'm gone.

To my Seattle friends, I'll see you soon! And o my Tucson friends, have a nice Independence day, and enjoy the summer heat!

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