Friday, June 25, 2010

Critics redux - warm fuzzy feeling

A while ago I posted about being critical, and I just wanted to make a small comment about that...

Not all critiques are negative, and it warmed my heart just now when I checked the Terra Prime comments on BoardGameGeek and saw these two I hadn't seen before:

My favorite feature of the game is that all paths to victory (economic, colonization, military, etc.) are equally viable. No one strategy is more likely to win than any other. There are also lots of nice little mechanical balancing touches. Very, very enjoyable.

- Jonathan Leistiko (rating = 9 at the time of this post)

Homesteaders was one of my favorite games this year. So, I was interested in trying Terra Prime (published by the same company.) But I must admit, I did not have high hopes because I haven't really heard any positive buzz around BGG.

Anyway, I played a two-player game with my woman and I had a great time! The exploration of space with the asteroids and the space battles is fun. The economic building with the colonies and such is strategic and involved. I can't wait to try this with 3, 4, or 5 players.

I had a great time. I can't understand why this game isn't getting the same buzz as Homesteaders.

- Louis Sylvester (rating = 9 at the time of this post)

While I met Jonathan once in person and know him a little more online, Louis is a complete stranger to me. I think they are both far enough removed (from me) that these comments represent honest opinions about the game. I really appreciate positive comments like these! I think any artist or creative person would appreciate it - that's kind of the point of creating something.

Thanks guys, and I hope you continue to enjoy my game! I've got an expansion for it, which may eventually see print!

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