Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New stuff - redeaux - redeaux!

When I got back from Seattle, I needed new cleats something fierce - one was splitting on the side, and both soles were actually starting to break! So I went back to Sports Authority and tried getting the same cleats I got last time, only in size 11. This was a disaster... they didn't have them that size, so I got the next model up (which cost an additional $40) - "Nike Total 90 Strike II". I'm not sure what was so good about these, but I know I don't need features designed for kicking a soccer ball! Anyway, I got them and hoped they'd fit better with the insoles and all that.

Well, they did fit better in the front - the toebox was no longer crushing my toes! However, as expected, size 11 shoes are simply too big! My feet were literally swimming around in them. I tried a 2nd pair of socks, and that helped a little, but the problem persisted. The insoles would literally move and one time one of them started creeping out of the shoe!

So, dejected, I went BACK to the store. Of course they won't take back shoes I've worn already, so I had to bu more new cleats. I tried the size 10.5 Total 90 Shoot II again, with smaller (3/4 length) insoles, but the toebox seems to be narrower than it used to be and it just didn't fit. So I looked at some Adidas cleats. I liked one of them, but it was REALLY narrow in the middle. In the end I bought a much cheaper pair of Adidas cleats. funny that the cheap ones fit better than the fancy, expensive models!

So now I have an extra pair of brand new, size 11, Total 90 Strike cleats (WITH a protection package!) that I don't know what to do with. Maybe I'll try to sell them on Craig's List or something.


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