Sunday, June 28, 2009

New stuff - redeaux

Last week I picked up some new stuff at Sports Authority, including a pair of cleats. Well, let me tell you about these cleats...

First off, they're the exact same make and size as my current pair, but the new version of the model (Nike "Total 90 Shoot II" rather than just "Total 90 Shoot"). The new version of the same shoe. When I got home and put the brand new insoles in them, my foot would no longer fit in the shoe. This was disappointing in general, but doubly so since I should have realized it would happen. In my current cleats I wear a 3/4 length insole, and maybe that's why it seems to fit better (also possibly because my cleats are broken in and stretched out a bit). So, annoyed, I removed the insoles and tried putting the cleats on without them... and they didn't fit right!

I swear they seemed to fit alright in the store, but putting them on at home it was pretty clear that they were just a little too tight in the front. It was like 10.5 was too small, but I'm sure size 11 would be too big. I even checked with the foot-sizer thingy at the store!

So why is it that the same make, same size, basically same model shoe no longer fits while my old shoes do? Just to annoy me? In the end I returned the cleats, the insoles, and the $10 protection package. I didn't really have time to be shopping for new cleats, I'll have to do that when I get back from Seattle. Fortunately my current cleats are in good enough shape that I don't need new ones yet...

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