Monday, June 22, 2009

New stuff

I went to Sports Authority during lunch and picked up some new stuff - mainly I needed new insoles for my cleats because I tore through the ones I had during the tournament last weekend. I got better ones this time which will hopefully hold up better.

While I was there I got a new pair of cleats, some compression shorts, and a hat! Once in a while it's good to get new things. My hat is falling apart, and I only have 2 pair of compression shorts that I like, and I need them 5 days a week. Not sure I really needed new cleats, but I decided to try a pair with a different cleat pattern. I also got a $10 'protection plan' because it sounds like they're really liberal in what they'll replace. Within 13 months if, say, the spikes wear down (likely with the ground here being so hard) or the insides tear up (I tear through heels and toes of cleats pretty fast), they'll send me a check for the full purchase price plus tax... Hopefully I'll remember to keep the receipt and claim the new shoes next year!

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