Sunday, January 11, 2009

Weekly post

I said I'd post every week, so I'd better stay true and think of something to say!

A short note on Resolutions in general... I've started keeping a spreadsheet open on my computer to keep track of a number of things, such as what time I wake up each day, how much I weigh in the morning, what book I read from, whether I fed my cat (she gets wet food every other day), How much I spent that day on groceries (I've been meaning to look at that), how many typos I made that day, and how many push-ups I did that night.

My typos are down compared to last year, but that's mostly because I'm not on the computer as much and therefore not typing as much. As of yesterday I'm at 50 push-ups before bed. That's 1 set of 50, soon I'll probably do 2 sets of fewer or something. I'm hovering at just about 180 on the scale, but I'm looking at a whole lot of exercise in the coming weeks between weekly frisbee practice, frisbee league, and a tournament the next 3 weekends. I've been rationing soda and junk, but this weekend I splurged on a whole lot of Fudge which Mandy made for game night on Friday. I need to not do that!

I'm a little over halfway through my first book. To warm up the reading I decided to read something I've read before and liked, and had been thinking of reading again anyway - Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency.

It took me far too long to get to, but tonight I finally worked on one of my games.

That's it for now... time to do some push-ups and read some more of my book!

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