Sunday, November 30, 2008

What the heck have I been doing with myself?

The last thing I posted was that I've been making more food at home. That's still true - burritos and baked potatoes. Yum!

I've also been having friends over a lot. A lot of friends, and also a lot of the time. It's been a little overwhelming actually, and I finally was happy to take the weekend off of social interaction at that level. I was badly in need of some "me" time! I spent all afternoon yesterday watching TV and working on one of my games.

This morning I went to brunch with my Grandma for Thanksgiving (late because I went to dinner with a friend's family on Thursday). We went to a place called Red Sky, which we had gone to on Mother's Day and liked. It was fully packed on Mother's Day. Today not so much. Also, I think I liked their spread better on Mother's Day. They have a $17 buffet style thing going on with all kinds of pasta dishes and whatnot to choose from, and some sausage, potatoes, etc, a guy making omelets, and some desert items.

I have been playing a lot of games lately. November is a new record month for number of games played. I know because I keep track on a website called BoardGameGeek. I've played over 100 games this month! The main reason for that is the game convention I went to last week in Dallas. I spent 4 days playing lots of games and visiting my old friend Brian who grew up across the street from me.

I have a couple of friends that I've known for 26 years or so, ever since I moved to Tucson. Brian is one of those, and I love to see him the few chances I get. He's got a wife who works, 2 kids, and a company of his own, so I was thrilled when he could find a few hours each day between client meetings, day care pickups, and doctor's appointments to hang out with me at the convention. We played some games and just hung out together - something I wish we could do more of.

My kitty cat is as awesome as ever. She's very social, and when 13+ people come over she's content to be in the middle of all the action. I've got some more pictures of her which I'll put in another post. Evie's so cute! She sometimes sits next to my keyboard when I'm internetting, laying half on the keys or on my hand (which makes it difficult to type). I left a red ball point pen uncapped, and some ink bled onto her beautiful white fur! :( It's coming out though, and it's almost gone now. She still likes foil balls and Chipotle bags, and her new thing is empty boxes from beer bottles. They're like a little house for her, with windows and a door. I think I have some pictures of that.

In other news, I'm going to Las Vegas for a frisbee tournament in 2 weeks - that should be fun. I think I pulled a muscle in my leg/butt though, so I hope that doesn't screw things up. My sister is coming to visit the weekend after that... oh, and I guess this time next year I'll be an Uncle!

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