Sunday, November 30, 2008

A little home improvement

I've been having throngs of people over, and one of the bad things about my house is that it's not conducive to large groups. There's not much to absorb sound, so it gets really loud.

I was at Bed, Bath and Beyond today, and I picked up some chairs which I liked, and also got some curtains (which match them) for the dining room. I'm hoping that will cut down on the echo effect in there. So far it seems better, but I don't know how much.

The chairs I got are folding chairs with a soft, cushioned seat. The wood chairs that match the table aren't terribly comfortable. I like the look of these chairs, and I got 6 of them for the room. I think they're a lot more comfortable than the old ones. I'll try and get some pictures of this to post. I might also try and get a tapestry or something to hang on the blank wall in that room.

I have been meaning to get a trash can with a lid for the bathroom. When I scoop Evie's litterbox, I dump the stuff into the trash can in there, and then at some point I take out the trash. I've got anosmia, as far as I'm concerned there's no problem with the smell. However, I suspect it would be better for guests if the poop were contained better. So I also picked up a trash can with a lid. Evie was very confused at the strange, reflective box that wasn't there before, especially when I stepped on the pedal and the top opened up (and then more especially when it fell back down!)

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Rick Holzgrafe said...

Dump kitty litter scoopings into a plastic bag and tie the neck, then drop that in the trash. No smell, and much more sanitary.

I'm very envious of you and Evie. We still have Fred, our old warhorse of a cat. Fred's a nice guy but only really loves our son Christopher; and Helen and I have to give him a pill a day, so he's very wary of us. I miss having a lap cat!