Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Finally hitting some New Years Resolutions

I resolved certain things at the beginning of the year, the first of which was to check in on my resolutions periodically to keep on track. This blog has really helped me to do that, even if I haven't kept up with all of my resolutions, the success rate is terrific compared to previous years when I've made resolutions and then forgotten them inside a week.

Here's a quick update...

1. Check progress of my Resolutions

Not as frequent as I'd hoped, but this post shows that I have in fact been revisiting my resolutions this year - so that's good.

2. Go to the Dentist

For reasons which will become plain in my next blog post, I found myself with extra incentive to make a dentist appointment, so last week I finally went to the dentist! Thankfully, he didn't have any bad news for me. Evidently I've got some bone recession going on, but no cavities or anything needing future work. There's 1 tooth which sounds like it has a cavity brewing, but for the time being it's OK.

3. New Glasses

Done and done. I didn't like the new glasses at first, but I got used to them and now I think they're great.

4. Finish Game Designs (Prototyping)

I still haven't done much on this front. I did revive 8/7 Central and try it out with new rules, and I will very likely be doing a lot more of this resolution between now and the end of the year.

5. Game Publication/Submission

Loose Cannon says they're very excited to be publishing their first board game, and all systems appear to be "go" - They say they are aiming for a Q2 or Q3 release next year! I'll let you know when things are set in stone and there are contracts and whatnot...

6. Cut down on TYPOs

Typos are better than they have been, but not as good as they have been either. Overall I think I've gotten better though, and that was the goal.

7. Dental Hygiene

I continue to floss every day and brush 2x/day. Judging by the dentist visit I guess it's helping :)

In order to finish out my resolutions, I really only have 1 task left: Submit a game to Hippodice. This may or may not happen... the deadline is the end of this week, so I have to decide which game if any I should submit, then I have to figure out what rules to use and get it submitted! But I think I probably have the time if I don't do much else this week.

Even if I don't manage to get a game into the contest, I feel like I've done a really good job accomplishing my resolutions this year! Honestly I didn't think I'd really stick with them, but revisiting (and in fact publishing) the resolutions has been a big help. I'll be sure to do this again next year!

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