Thursday, October 16, 2008

Diana's getting gutted!

One of my best friends is scheduled to be gutted tomorrow morning... Cesarean style. I think I'll swing by the hospital after work and see how she's doing, maybe meet little Hannah.

I used to hate kids, babies most of all - they need constant attention, and they hardly talk at all except to scream or cry... But I think my curmudgeon days are over.

Oh, and "Hannah" isn't really going to be Diana's daughter's name. As of yesterday, they haven't got a name - the only thing Diana and Andy have agreed on is not to name the kid "Hannah." So of course, that's what I'm calling her. Diana really should have seen that coming.


Kelly said...

Congrats to Diane! Hope she and -insert baby name here- are doing well.

Seth Jaffee said...

All's well so far. Hannah's name is actually Sasha Ann Partney. That's right, Diana gave her daughter the initials S.A.P.

I haven't been by to see her yet, but I will try to visit in the next couple of days. I'm told the kid is real cute :)