Monday, September 29, 2008

I'm about to be pissed!

In a previous post I wondered whether I'd made a mistake playing with Monsoon and not the masters team for frisbee sectionls/regionals. Since then I have been thinking I chose well, because I've been having fun playing with my friends...

But now I'm finding out that there might not actually be enough people going to Regionals for us to field a team! Oh My God - if I'd known this, it wouldn't have even been a question. I would have been playing with the masters team without a second thought... the whole point was to play in sectionals, regionals, and on the off chance that we qualified, nationals. Monsoon had zero chance of qulaifying for Nationals, and I was OK with that. I didn't expect to go to Nationals no matter what. But not going to Regionals? Why even fucking play?

I guess I shouldn't get too worked up just yet, but Regionals is only 2 weeks away, and if we can't muster 15 players then I'm going to be seething... consider this fair warning.

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