Thursday, August 7, 2008

What are we, 5 years old?

Sometimes I witness things that are so ridiculous that I just can't fathom how, after thousands of years of evolution and society, this is what we as a people have to offer.

This morning on the radio the DJ was explaining a new rule the NFL is putting into effect - a Spectator Code of Conduct. They're guidelines like "don't delay the game by throwing things on the field," "don't pick fights with opposing team's fans," and "you can get smashed, but don't be rowdy or belligerent as a result of being drunk." Breaking these rules will get you ejected from a game without refund, and you might lose ticket privileges for future games.

First off, it sickens me that this kind of rule is necessary. We're talking about adults here, not 5 year olds. Wouldn't it be nice if people would just behave in a reasonable manner, without having to be threatened with punishment?

Secondly, the DJ was making fun of these rules! As if either (a) he thought people don't need to be told how to behave - in which case he's clearly never been to a sporting event - or more likely (b) he thinks it's OK for people to behave like ill-mannered children, and who is the NFL to tell them not to get drunk and be irresponsible?

I've been fighting the same attitude at Frisbee league for a while, and at the moment I'm really pissed off about it. I almost walked off the field last night and just went home. I seriously feel like taking my name off the roster for next season...

But I'm sure if I did that I'd miss frisbee and I'd be bored every Wednesday night, so I'll give it one more shot. I'm sure it'll be the same old crap.

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