Saturday, November 3, 2007

This is what's wrong with spectator sports

I decided to walk over to the U of A for lunch today. It's Homecoming, so the campus is a madhouse near the stadium - campers and trailers litter the lawns as tailgaters drink beer, BBQ food, drink beer, throw footballs to each other, drink beer, and play various little games like Horseshoes. Mostly they're drinking beer.

As I walked by the stadium I could hear the announcers. It was halftime and Arizona was beating UCLA 27-14 (go Cats!). A sea of red shirts was drifting away from the stadium as many, many people were leaving. I guess tailgating all afternoon and then watching half of a football game was enough sports for them for the day. I overheard two college aged guys discussing why they were leaving at halftime...

"You pretty much have to leave at halftime. You come down off your wastedness, you lose your buzz, and you're just... there."

"Yeah, the only way to do it is to keep drinking."

That's right, once you stop being drunk, you realize you're sitting at a football game. Now really, who would want that? Best to get up and leave.

This is why I don't like spectator sports. Or at least why I don't like spectators. They use "the big homecoming game" as an excuse to drink heavily, be rowdy, and leave their trash on my lawn. I guess that's what I get for living within a mile of a college campus.

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