Monday, August 25, 2008

Good news on the Game Publishing front!

I'd mentioned here and there that a game I helped develop with my friend Alex from Seattle, Homesteaders, was under review for publication by Jay Tummelson at Rio Grande Games. I recently received word that Jay's developers had finished testing the game. An email from them said...

"Jay asked us to look at several titles this summer that he was considering for publication and we did get to play (and recommend) Homesteaders. We enjoyed the game and would be happy to share our feedback with you."

I'm trying really hard not to get too excited about this, because it's still up to Jay to decide if Homesteaders is worth producing... it may prove too expensive, or he might decide it's too similar to other games he's published already, or who knows what. However this recommendation from his developers is certainly a step in the right direction, and I'm having trouble not feeling at least a little giddy!


Renee said...

I send you a not-too-giddy congrats on this progress and good luck on more!
love ya!

jeffinberlin said...

In this biz, you learn to celebrate every little (baby) step, so congrats! Even if it doesn't get chosen, by Jay, there are people you don't know personally who enjoyed your game, and that's something! The name "Homesteaders" sounds intriguing. Hope I get a chance to check it out someday.