Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"Vacation, all I ever wanted. Vacation, had to get away!"

Yes, those are Go-Go's lyrics... and yes, I just got back from a vacation. We had a meeting just now to talk about scheduling vacation time, and it got me thinking about upcoming trips and looking at the calendar.

My next big trip will be in November, when I head out to Dallas again for BGG.con - a sweet 4 day open gaming convention with 600 of my closest friends. But that's not what sparked this post, rather while perusing the calendar I noticed that Christmas Day is a Thursday this year, which means everyone and their brother will have Friday off. This is the perfect situation for SedjCon - my after Christmas gaming party!

Maybe I'll plan ahead a little bit, and advertise SedjCon to my friends so they can plan their holiday trips to accommodate it if they want. Looks like it'll be December 26-28th (though probably mostly 26th and 27th). Maybe this year it'll include a disc golf outing Saturday morning or something.

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