Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hole in One - Redeaux

A little while ago I posted about getting a hole in one at disc golf, and how ridiculously unlikely I think it is.

Well, among other crazy and unusual frisbee exploits from Potlatch, I managed to sink a 50 yard golf shot... We were playing our first game on Sunday on a field right next to the "frisbee central" tents, where there was a golf goal set up, as well as couches and tents and water/bagels/coffee/etc. There were people everywhere, and they all erupted in cheer when a huck I'd intended for my teammate in the endzone drifted too far to the right, and happened to hit the chains and stay in the goal!

Obviously that wasn't my intent, but if you're going to throw a turnover, I highly recommend the 50 yard golf goal!

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